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FINALLY three weeks, I have leave bc I have literally THOUSANDS of messages! Bye 4 now! :D
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Ah was at the apartment door, waitin’ for ‘em ta come out. Ah heard mumblin’ and somethin’ ‘bout that Robert guy. After a few seconds, Ah heard ‘em walk towards the door. Ah instantly got nervous. What's gonna happen? Will ‘e hug me? Will ‘e even talk ta me? Is ‘e still mad, and never speak ta me again? Ah finally heard Tess say “By the way, I got a little surprise for you.” She opened the door.
“Oh, Yeah? What is it?” Ah knew that voice.
“See for yourself.” Ah saw a man with only  a little stubbly beard and mustache and old clothes. It was Joel.
“H-h-hi Joel.” Ah muttered quickly. Ah knew Ah probably sounded like a total assshit, but Ah was really nervous. Joel was in so much shock right now, Ah thought he was never gonna unfreeze. Ah started ta speak to break the silence. “Look, Ah know yer still mad at me, and Ah get that. Bu-” Ah was cut off when he started ta hug me. Ah slowly put my hands on his back, and started to hug him tightly. Ah sighed of relief when Ah realized that he just missed me.
“Susan. Oh, baby girl. Ah can’t believe it.” Ah giggled for the first time in years. Ah have Joel back. Ma best friend for most of my life besides Sarah. Ma partner for 5 years. Ma Uncle.
“Believe it, Uncle Joel. Ah’m here. Ah’m here.” He turned around, facing Tess.
“Thanks. This really means a lot to me.”
“Yeah. Thanks for helpin’ me find ‘im.” Ah said. He may be overprotective, but Ah missed ‘im so much.
“Hey. Don’t mention it.” She smirked. “Susan’s gonna help us with Robert. She said that she’s improved a lot of stealth. That is...if she wants to.” They both looked at me. Ah put ma hand on my chin. Then Ah smirked. “Let’s go kick some ass.” Ah high-fived Joel and got out of the apartment building.
“You got I.D?” Tess asked. Ah pulled out a picture of me from a week ago.
“Not yet. But there an old friend a mine who works for the military here.”
“Good. The checkpoint’s still open.”
“Only got a few hours ‘till curfew.” Joel stated.
“Well, we better hurry then.” Ah said. We walked down an ally to the street. We heard the intercom. ‘Attention. Citizens are supposed are required to carry a current ID card at all times. Compliance with all city personal is mandatory.’ Ah was looking at a sign that has graffiti over it. “Fireflies... Ah ain’t seen Marlene in a while, obviously.”
“How do you know the fireflies?” He asked. That was the stupidest question Ah’ve ever heard!
“Joel...I’m 33. Ah know stuff.”
“Right. Sorry.” Marlene is what you can call ‘Queen Firefly.’ She made up the group nineteen and a half years ago. Apparently, a lotta people agreed to join. Military’s been knockin’ them out for the past few months is what Ah’ve heard.
“Look at that. Ration line hasn’t started yet. Must be running low again.” Tess said, standing where the ration line should be. We kept walkin’ and Ah saw a few people who are getting scanned. “Looks like more people are getting infected.”
“That means more people are sneakin’ out.” Joel added.
“Who can blame ‘em. This place is a hellhole. Ah’d rather live in Bill’s town.” Ah said. Bill was one of the people who owe me. Ah helped him own that fuckin’ wasteland. Ah also helped him with his traps he has now. We were almost at the checkpoint, then Ah saw my military friend. “Ah’ll be right back.”
“Where are you going?” Tess asked.
“Gettin’ new ID.” Ah ran up to her when she was alone. “Caitlin.” Ah put my hand on her shoulder. She turned, pointed her gun at me, and Ah put my hands up in surrender. She saw it was me and put down her gun.
“Susan.” She hugged me for a quick second and let go. “What are you doing here?”
“Remember when you said you can make me an ID card?”
“Yeah. You got a recent picture of you?” Ah took out a picture of me that Ah took a week ago. Then, she took out an ID card without the picture. It had all the info the military needs to know about me. Ah slipped the picture in. “There. New ID.”
“Thanks Caitlin. Ah’ll see ya later.”
“Take care.” Ah went back to Joel and Tess when the military wasn’t looking. Ah walked up to them, and showed them the card.
“It don't matter now, Joel. I’ll tell ya later.” He looked at Tess, and she nodded.
“Just play cool, ok?” She said.
“Ah know what Ah’m doing. Ah’m a worldie, remember?” Ah whispered the last part, not wanting the military to hear me. We walked up to the guy at the checkpoint.
“Let me see your ID’s.” He said. If you don’t have ID, your gonna get executed unless you’re able to get it. Joel handed him all of our ID cards.
“Here you go.” He looked at them and looked at us.
“What’s your business here?”
“Got the day off. Visiting a friend.” Joel responded.
“Alright. Move on through.”
“Thanks.” Right when we were able to go through, there were gunshots aimin’ at the military.
“Fireflies!” One of them yelled. The guy closed the gate and we all ran towards a building that’s familiar to me. It may be a hangout. Or, they might put their gear in there. Ah decided to ask. Of course, when we got in.
“Yep. Why?” She asked.
“Me too.”
“But, we don’t see any other gear in there.”
“That’s ‘cause Ah  hide ‘em in case anyone comes in here and does the same damn thing.” Joel nodded of approval. Ah knew what that meant. Ah used my survival skills wisely.
“So much for the easy route.” Ah noticed Ah got a few cuts when the gate closed. Ah got my health kit out, and started to wrap some tape around my arm.
“Patch yourself up too, alright?” She told Joel.
“Appreciate it.” He wrapped himself as well. We both got up, and followed her.
“They’re gonna close all the checkpoints. We’re gonna have to go around the outside.” She said.
“You mean, outside the wall?” Ah asked.
“Or, we could just let Robert go.” Joel huffed.
“Cute.” We walked down this hall, while Tess was talking to somebody. Apparently, Marlene is after Robert too and the tunnel that we’re gonna use is clear. So, that’s good. Usually, they usually go on patrols down there.
“Marlene lookin’ for Robert? What do you make of that?” She asked.
“I don’t like it. We better find ‘im before the butterflies do. Susan, you help the fireflies right?”
“Damn right. Ah know what yer thinkin’. Maybe he owed her somethin’.”
“Maybe.” We went towards the place where we keep our weapons, then we talked to this guy who looked familiar. He was watchin’ me.
“Susan.” Just when he said my name I remembered him.
“Tony. How’s it goin’, man?”
“Good. No signs of military or infected.”
“Sweet. Ah’ll be stayin’ for the week, so you can visit. You know where to look.”
“Will do. Y’all take it easy out there.”
“Ya know Ah will.” We walked towards an old TV set. All three of us push it, and jumped down. Ah smelt somethin’ funky when we got there. “Goddamn, this place smells like shit.”
“You said it. They gotta watch what they throw down here.” Tess agreed. She turned the lights on, and walked towards a corner. “Let’s gear up. Susan, where’s your stuff?”“Ya mean some of it? In here.” I moved a rock out of the way, then Ah got my other backpack. It has some of my better guns in it.
“Nice.” They got to their gear and got settled. Ah switched backpacks, and put full ammo in all of my guns. They both looked at me oddly.
“Guys. Even though Ah have a lotta gear, Ah’m still stealthy.”
“Alright.” Tess said. Ah put the rock back, and followed ‘em.
“Where are we goin’ again?” Ah asked her.
“Old warehouse in Area 5.”
“Gotcha.” Ah could tell she always knows where to go. We stopped right by some tanks surrounded by wood.
“Alright, Texas. Boost me up.” Joel went to the side of it. He had his hands cupped and Tess climbed on it and got up.
“Ready, baby girl?” Joel offered. Ah grinned when he called me baby girl. Ah always loved it when he called me that. It reminded me that he loves me so much.
“No thanks. Go on up. I know how to get there.”
“You’ll see.” Ah smirked.
“Alright.” Tess grabbed his hand and helped ‘im up. Ah backed up, ran, and jumped on the wall and off the wall, landing on the edge.
“Damn. That’s some badass moves.” Tess complimented.
“Thanks. Learned it in China.”
“Who are you, Mario?” Ah giggled at the comment.
“Maybe.” Joel lifted a wooden door right above us. Tess and Ah got out, lifted the door and he got out. Ah put the door back and all of us went outside.
“Be careful you two.”
“When am Ah not?” We both asked. Me and Joel both laughed of what happened.
“What?” She asked. Me and Joel looked at each other. He nodded at me, sayin’ that Ah can tell.
“Me...Me and Sarah mostly said things at the same time. Did...Joel tell you about her?”
“Yes he did. I’m really sorry for your loss.”“Thanks.” Before we went outside, when we went over the door, (random phrase) we were inside a diner. Ah got a couple extra ammo, thank you very much. Ah gave them to Joel and Tess. They needed it WAY more than Ah did. We went to a building just a few yards away.
“Where’s the ladder?”
“It’s gotta be around here somewhere.”
“Ah’ll look over here.” After a few seconds, Joel found the ladder, put it on a building with a hole on the side and backed up.
“Ladies first.” Tess climbed and scoffed.
“Lady? You must be thinking of her.”
“Nah.” Ah responded. We all got up.
“This way” Me and Joel followed her downstairs. “You think Robert still has our guns, Joel?”
“For his sake. He better.”
“Did ya guys lend ‘em ta him, or somethin’?”
“Just for a little while.” Joel answered. Ah facepalmed while we were walking.
“Hold up. Spores.” Tess warned us. We put our oxygen masks on.
“The place was clear last time.”
“They’re coming out of something. Stay alert.” Ah walked ahead and saw something.
“Clicker” Ah whispered.
“There’s our culprit.” Joel said.
“Body’s not that old. Keep your eyes and ears open.” We all saw a path by a wood plank. Joel was about to move it, and Ah looked at the ceiling. It’s unstable.
“Joel, don’t-!” The ceiling nearly caved in. “You ok?!”
“Yeah. Damn roof’s fallin’ apart, be careful!” We went through the path and something grabbed Joel’s leg. He looked down, and saw a bruised body. “Jesus” The guy coughed. “Watch it. Watch it.”
“H-Help. Please. My mask broke. D-Don’t leave me to turn. Please.” Ah stabbed a knife deep into his skull.
“There. Ya won’t turn.” Ah turned to them. “Couldn’t risk tha noise.”
“Poor bastard” Tess said. They decided to drop it and kept walking. We took a left, then under a door that was halfway covered. Then, we suddenly heard some noise. “Do you hear that?”
“Shhshhshh” Clearly, someone’s being eaten. “Susan.”
“On it.” I grabbed another shiv from my pocket. Ah sneaked up behind the bastard and stabbed it in the neck. Ah signaled them to come forward, and they obeyed. “Maybe we can run for it.” Joel looked at me like I have three heads.
“Without a fight? That don’t sound like you, Susan.”
“Yeah. But, Ah ain’t slept all day. Ah’m too tired to deal with ‘em. Y’all make sure they ain’t lookin’. Follow me.” Ah took light steps, but ran towards an entrance on the other side. Ah gestured towards her, telling them to go. Tess and Joel decided to go at the same time. ‘No!’ Ah facepalmed again. ‘dumbasses’ When they went next to me, they shot the two infected. “When ya both do it at da same time, it creates extra noise.” Ah advised.
“Yeah, we got that part.” Joel said. We went through, and saw some stairs.
“Lemme guess. Ya guys went up here last time?”
“Yep” Tess replied. We went up, and saw a wooden plank that leads outside. While Tess and Joel walked the plank, Ah jumped. Joel scoffed.
“Show off.”
“Well, duh” We all jumped down and Ah took ma mask off. “Ahh, fresh air.”
“See? That’s what I love about the outside. Fuckin’ hate the smell of the city.” Tess said.
“Why don't you ask Bill to give you some of them air fresheners?” Joel asked.
“Hey, if they weren’t expired, that’d be a good idea.” Ah chuckled.
“Hey, Joel, remember that air conditioner you and Sarah had 23 years ago?” He smiled while Tess was moving a little raft blocking a hole.
“You and Sarah loved that thing. But, you always hogged it during summer.” He said while they went in the hole.
“Cover the entrance.”
“Got it.” He answered Tess.
“It was Texas! What did you expect me to do? Watch maself melt?!” Ah said while walking. Ah knew that Ah was about ta make ‘im cry for talking about Sarah, but Ah’m tryin’ ta help ‘im accept the past instead of trying ta shake it off.
“No, but you gotta save room for me and Tommy too.” He said, climbing up. Ah did my ‘Mario Jump’ and landed on the platform. Then, we saw a gap.
“Damn it. Plank fell down. Be a deer, would you?” Tess asked Joel.
“I’ll get it.” He jumped down.
“So” She looked at me. “Joel told me that he’s known you your whole life.”
“Yep. Ever since Ah was born.”
“Are you guys...related?”
“He’s ma Uncle.” She looked like she got slapped in the face.
“You’re Uncle?” I nodded. “, Tommy?”
“He’s ma Dad.”
“Got it!” Tess went outta her thoughts and saw Joel.
“Pass it to me” He positioned the plank horizontally and gave it to ‘er.
“It’s a bit heavy.”
“I think I can handle it.” Tess put the plank down while Joel jogged back up here. Right after Tess, Ah went. Then, Joel right after.
“Get your ass up here. Let’s move.” She said, walking outside.
“Bossy today” Joel mumbled, but she didn’t hear. Ah trained maself to hear the most quiet things. Especially people. We walked down the fire escape stairs and jumped down since half of them were gone. “Make sure there aren’t any soldiers around.” While Tess was looking, Ah was taking a look around. Ah obviously ain’t been here in a while.
“It’s clear. C’mon.” I ran and jumped over the mini-wall. (Again, Ah ain’t got a clue what they’re called. Maybe a beam?) “So, Susan.” I took my attention to her. “How long have you been a worldie?” Joel covered her mouth.
“Jesus, Tess. Why don’t you speak louder?” Tess removed his hand from her mouth.
“I said it’s clear, remember?” She kept walking.
“Fifteen years.” Ah answered while she opened a door.
“Wait” Ah turned ta face Joel. “You’re telling me that you became a worldie right after you left?” He asked while shutting the door.
“No! Don’t be silly. Ah became a worldie when I went around the world for the first time.” Ah said, smiling. He chuckled.
“I like this girl” Tess smirked. “Pick up that ammo. I’m sure we’ll need it.” Joel picked up some ammo and Tess knocked on the door. A little boy opened the door. “Hey, little man.” She took a ration card out of her back pocket. “Make sure the coast is clear, alright?” The little guy nodded and was about to take the card, but Tess held it higher. “No soldiers. None of Robert’s men. Yeah?” He nodded and she gave him the card. He shut the door so that no one can see us. Ah was about to tell ‘em that I could’ve talked to the kid. Ah know ‘im. Then, Ah thought, ‘Where’s the fun in that?’ So, Ah just kept ma mouth shut.
“You know that’s he’s expecting us.” Joel stated.
“Well, that’ll make it more interesting.” Tess responded.
“Say, I noticed your accent isn’t as strong as I remember. You’re mostly putting g’s in words now.” Ah shrugged. The kid said that the coast was clear & we walked out.
“Ain’t been in Texas or Tennessee in a while. Lost some accent, but it’s still there.” As we walked out, Ah heard some familiar voices.
“Hey Tess. Hey Tess. Hey, pretty lady. How you doin’? I heard you got some merchandise.”
“Not now, Terrance.”
“No no no. It’s-”
“Terrance.” He looked at me in shock. He recognized me. “Sit.” He sat down. “Stay. Got it?”
“A’ight. I can do that.” I walked with Tess.
“How do you know him?”
“Saved ‘im from a few clickers last time Ah was here. He owes me.” We kept walking through the market, Tess kept getting attention. One guy with his girl on his lap said, ‘Tess, it’s been a while. You don’t visit us anymore.’ The girl asks who she is and he replied that it’s none of her business. “Nice way of talking to your girl, Jordan.”
“Hey, you shut the hell up, Susan!” Ah just flipped him off and kept walking. As Joel got to the bus, Malick stood right in front of him.
“Where do you think you’re goin’?”
“Malick. Sit back down.” Tess said.
“Oh, sorry Tess. I didn’t know you guys were together. Go ahead.” He sat back down and gave me a few ration cards. “From last time that you were here.” Ah nodded and kept walking.
“Who’s that?” Joel asked. Tess told him that he was an old headache and don’t ask. We walked out of the bus and Tess walked towards this hooded guy. “Susan.” Ah turn to the voice. “Make sure no one’s watchin’.” Ah nodded and waited for Tess to bribe him and ask him if he’s seen Robert. What? Ah’m a worldie, remember? Ah know this stuff. Ah heard the guy finish and turned around to follow ‘em. I saw the graffiti on the walls. ‘You can still rise with us’ and a particular bug.
“Fireflies are getting’ desperate.” We walked through a gate door, and saw three guys with guns. Ah grabbed my revolver, knowing what’s gonna happen. “Here we go.” We kept walking, and all three of them stood in front ‘a us.
“You guys need to turn around, and head back if you know what’s good for you.” The one in the middle said.
“Our beef isn’t with you. We just want Robert. You don’t want to do this.” Jesus, is this girl talkative or what?
“Turn the fuck around and leave now.” He said, louder.
“I’m not going anywhere without Robert.”
“Bitch. I will bash your skull if you don’t get your dumb ass outta here.” Ah saw the look on ‘er face. She’s had enough.
“Fuck this.” She shot him and everyone took cover. “Susan, would you-?”
“Ah know what y’all are thinking. Ah’m on it.” Ah got out my pistol for my other hand. Ah went behind the box Ah was standing by. There were a few times that Ah almost got shot in the head when Ah peaked out. But, being the dumbasses they are, they both stood up at the same time. That’s when Ah got em’. “It’s clear. Ah got ‘em.” They both stood up, and we kept walking.
“Nicely done, Red.” Ah smirked at that name. Y’all don’t know how many times Ah’ve been called that.
“How the hell did he get all these guys?” Joel asked.
“If Robert’s good at one thing, It’s writing blank checks.” Tess replied. “Let’s go put an end to that.”
PREMIERE. WAS. AWESOME!!!! That's right! I saw the TMNT Premiere! For those who think it's today, well, sorry. It was Yesterday at 7:00. I went w/my friend, Stormy & we cosplayed and everything! There were even masks there that can go over your 3D glasses. FOR THE HATERS: They may look ugly to some of you, but the movie was HILARIOUS and BADASS!!! People, you hated the TMNT 2012 series before you even came out! Now you can't stop making fanart, fanfictions, cosplays, etc. Give it a chance! FOR THE LOVERS: WAY better than u hoped! You'll love it! I remember almost EVERY MOMEMT of the movie. SPOILER: There's a Raph moment near the end that will have you in TEARS! So glad I went! Now, I'll go check my messages, bye!
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(Contains: strong language)
Ma name, is Susan. Ah come a very long way. Ah’m on my way to see an ol’ friend ‘a mine named Joel. He was the father of ma best friend, Sarah. He was also a second father ta me. Actually, Ah’m his niece. ‘is brother, Tommy, is ma Dad. Sarah died when this infected shit started. It was a month after summer vacation. Ah was staying at Sarah’s house for the summer since ma Dad was workin’. Plus, Ah didn’t want ta stay at my other snotty cousin’s fancy house. Sarah was sleeping on the couch while Ah was on the floor. It was very late at night, but gladly we woke up.
“Let’s talk about this in the morning, okay?” Me an’ Sarah heard talkin’, which woke us up. Plus, the light was on. When we opened our eyes, we saw a man in his thirties on the phone. It was Joel. “Ok, bye.” He hung up, and went towards the couch.
“Hey.” Sarah greeted.
“Hey Joel.” Ah said.
“Hey you two. Scoot.” Sarah scooted over, so he can sit down.
“Fun day at work, huh?” Ah giggled at the comment.
“What are you two still doing up? It’s late.”
“What?” Ah shouted.
“Oh, crud. What time is it?” She asked, shocked. We both looked at the clock. It was 11:50p.m.
“It’s way past your bedtime.” We both nodded at each other.
“But, it’s still today.” She said. We grabbed two things from the nightstand.
“Girls, please not right now. I do NOT have the energy for this.” Joel complained.
“Here” We both said at the same time, holding our presents. Ah had something rectangular wrapped up, and Sarah had somethin’ in a box.
“What’s this?” He asked.
“Your birthday.” We both said. He chuckled.
“You two always creep me out when ya do that.” Ah remember how he was always weirded out every time we say the same thing at the same time. He opened the box first, seeing a watch inside it.
“You kept complaining about your broken, I figured you know.” He started to put it on. “You like it?” He was looking at it weirdly, and started tappin’ it.
“Honey, this is...” He tapped the watch again.
“What?” She asked worried. She looked at me with a scared look.
“This is nice but I-I think it’s stuck. It’s not-”
“What? No. no. no. no.” The watch was workin’ just fine.
“Oh, ha-ha. He was just messin’ with us.”  Her head laid on my lap. Ah sighed of relief and punched Joel playfully on the arm.
“Alright. Open mine.” Ah said.
“What did you get him?” Sarah asked.
“You’ll see.” Ah smirked. Ah knew that she knew it was a surprise. Joel unwrapped the paper, and saw a $200 gift card for Gatlin’s BBQ.
“Gatlin’s BBQ?!” Sarah asked excitingly. Joel was just shocked.
“That’s the best & most expensive barbeque place in Houston. How did you get the money for this?” He asked.
“Ah’ve been savin’ money since last year. Ah have $60 left, and ah think ah know the answer if ah ask ‘do ya like it?’” Ah giggled. Ah was a very giggly type ‘a person back then.
“Thank you. I love it. I love both presents...What about you, baby? Where’d you get the money for the watch?”
“Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.” Sarah responded sarcastically.
“Oh good. Maybe you can help with the Mortgage then.” He turned on the TV.
“Yeah. You wish.”
“Y’all seriously goin’ ta let us watch TV at 11:52 p.m.?” Ah asked, quirking ma eyebrow.
“Consider it as a ‘thank you’ present.” We watched TV for about thirty minutes, then me an’ Sarah went back to sleep. At about 1:30 a.m. Ah woke up seeing Joel picking up Sarah. When he saw me, he cocked his head towards upstairs, telling me to come on. Once Ah gave him the puppy-dog face, he sighed and turned his back to me. Ah smiled and put ma hands on his shoulders. He carried us to Sarah’s room, and he put both of us on the bed. He put some of her hair out of her face, then he looked at both of us. “Goodnight, baby girls.” He whispered, trying not to wake her up.
“G’night, Joel.” Ah whispered back. Then we fell asleep again. Ah woke up again hearing the phone ring. Sarah probably got up a second before me, ‘cause she picked the phone up when Ah got up.
“Sarah, honey, I need you to get your daddy on the phone.” Ah think that’s what Ah heard
“Uncle Tommy, what time is it?” ‘Daddy?’ Ah thought. ‘Why’s he callin’ so early?’
“I need to talk to your dad now! There’s some-” Suddenly, the other line was dead. Connection must’ve been blocked.
“Daddy? Why’d he need to talk to Joel?” Ah asked, worried.
“Must’ve been somethin’ important.” She responded. We both got off the bed. “But, what was that all about?” She looked very scared. Almost like she was gonna faint.
“Sarah, Ah may have been listenin’, but Ah don’t know shit ‘a what he was talkin’ ‘bout.” I said.
“Let’s go find Dad. Tell ‘im what happened.”
“Ok.” We both went out the door of her room. “Joel?”
“Dad?” We both called out to know where he is. We went to the bathroom and saw a newspaper on the nightstand. It had the are hospital on the front. It said; ‘ADMITTANCE SPIKES AT AREA 300% Increase due to mysterious infection’
“What the hell?” Ah asked maself, a little frightened. “For once, Ah’m getting really scared right now.”
“For once?” Sarah asked mockingly.
“Just shut up, an’ let’s go find Joel.” We walked out of the bathroom and went into his room. It was quite messy.
“Daddy? Are you in here?” Ah saw the news on right in front of the hospital on the newspaper.
“Sarah, look.” Ah pointed at the TV. Then, we started to listen.
“We’ve received reports that victims afflicted with the infection show signs of increased aggression and-”
“That’s nearby.” Sarah said.
“That’s a few blocks away.” The military men were talking, but the newslady didn’t hear ‘em.
“We need to move everybody out of her now. There’s a gas leak. Hey-move! Get out of here!”
“There seems to be some commotion coming from be-”
“Lady get the hell outta here right-” The place exploded right before their eyes. Then, the screen was fuzzy.
“Uh...what was that?” Sarah asked, getting freaked out. Ah looked out the window, and saw the explosion. We both flinched in fear, and embraced each other. We both ran down the stairs. “Dad?! Dad?!”
“What the heck is going on, Susan?”
“Yeah, Sarah. Like, ah totally know about this shit!”
“Sorry, you know I’m scared.”
“Ah am too. Look, let’s just hurry.” We found his phone in the kitchen. Eight missed calls, texts from Tommy saying; Where the HELL are you? CALL ME! and On my way. The time said it was 2:15 a.m. We went into his office. “Where-” The door opened, seeing Joel come inside. He looked like someone just died or somethin’.
“There you are.” Sarah said relieved.
“Are you okay?” Ah asked.
“Sarah, Susan, are you okay?” He asked with a frightened tone.
“Yeah.” Sarah said.
“We’re fine.” Ah looked at ‘im observin’ly. Somethin’ must a happened.
“Has anyone come in here?” He was getting his gun from his case. “Don’t go near the doors. Just...Just stand back there.” We backed up from the doors and went behind Joel. What the hell is goin’ on here?
“Dad, you’re kinda freaking us out. What’s going on?” Sarah asked, backing up some more.
“It’s the Coopers. Somethin’ ain’t right with ‘em. I think they’re sick.”
“Sick?” Ah asked.
“Yeah, sick.” He mumbled.
“What kinda sick?” Sarah asked. Suddenly, Jimmy Cooper, the neighbor next door, ran against the door.
“Jesus.” Joel whispered. “Jimmy.”
“Girls c’mere. C’mere.” We both went behind him and hugged each other out of fear. He managed to break the glass and fell on the floor.
“Jimmy. Jimmy, just stay back!” He got up. “Jimmy, I am warning you.” He ran towards us. “Don’t!” Joel shot Jimmy twice in the face. Then he fell down, dead. The both of us started cryin’. Joel held our hands & dragged us to the living room.
“You shot him.” We both said. “I saw him this mornin’...” Sarah said, still crying.
“Girls, listen to me, there is something bad going on. We have got to get outta here. Do you understand me?” We both nodded our heads.
“Yeah.” We both said. Then, we all saw a light coming through the window.
“Tommy. C’mon.” We ran out the door of the house & saw Daddy walking towards us. Ah ran into his arms.
“You ok, baby?” Ah nodded with tears in ma eyes. “Where the hell you been? You have any idea what’s goin’ on out there?” Daddy shouted at Joel.
“I got some notion.” Joel said opening the door to the back seat. Ah walked towards the back seat of the car.
“Holy shit. You got blood all over you.” Daddy looked like he just got slapped in the face.
“C’mon girls. Go on in there. It ain’t mine. Let’s just get outta here.”
“Wait! Hang on.” Ah ran back into the house.
“Susan!” Ah heard Dad call. Ah knew that ah needed a gun. Ah had 2 revolvers that my mom gave me right before she died. Ah had all the ammo I needed. Luckily, my pajama pants had pockets. Ah put the ammo in there, & put the guns into my backpack. Ah ran back out, and got into the truck. Now, ah know what you’re thinkin’. Why did ah have guns at my best friends house? Joel was helpin’ me practice how to shoot. Ah couldn’t get a lesson from him tonight, since he was working late. He would’ve taught Sarah, but she didn’t wanna.
“They’re saying that half the people in the city have lost their minds.” Dad stated.
“Can we just please go-and what the hell were you thinkin’ Susan?” Joel asked angrily.
“Ah had a feelin’ that we ain’t comin’ back.” Joel nodded and looked away. Sarah and ah looked at each other, we were more frightened then we’ve ever been in our lives. We looked at the smoke from the explosion. There was a lot of it.
“Some sort of parasite or somethin’. You gonna tell me what happened?” Dad added.
“Later.” Joel was getting really pissed off by Dad’s choice of words. Ah don’t blame ‘im. He was REALLY freakin’ me out. Dad and Joel got in the truck, and started drivin’.
“Hey, girls. How you holding up?”
“We’re fine.” We both said, again. Dad chuckled.
“You still do that, huh?” He asked still smiling. Ah smiled back at him.
“Of course we do, Daddy. It’s a connection.” Ah said. It was true, we always had this special connection between us. We may have been total opposites, but we had a very special connection that lasted forever. Well, it would’ve.
“Can we hear what’s on the radio?” Sarah asked. She loved listening to music no matter what situation. One time, we almost got ran over by a car when we were four. Right after we both got saved by Joel, Sarah said. ‘Thank you daddy! I’m gonna go listen to some music.’ She skipped into the house, and he gave me that ‘What the fuck’ look. Ah just shrugged, & hugged ‘im. Thanking ‘im for savin’ us. After that, he wouldn’t let us ride our bikes for 3 months! That was a bunch of bullshit!
“Yeah, sure thing.”
“Thanks” When Daddy turned the radio on, we heard nothin’.
“No cellphone, no radio. Yeah, we’re doin’ great.” He said sarcastically. “Minute ago, the newsman wouldn’t shut up.” Ah just remembered that Ah had my iPhone with me. Ah checked, then ah saw about 30 messages from ma friends. Like, ‘OMG what the hell is going on here?!’ ‘Just left my house, hope to see you guys safe.’ ‘Goodbye world’ and mostly ‘Is everyone ok?’ Ah was about to reply, then ah saw at the top of my phone. No service. ‘Shit.’ Ah thought to maself.
“They say where to go?” Ah asked. By the look on Joel’s face, he was about to ask the same thing.
“They said uh...Army’s puttin’ up road blocks on the highway. No getting’ into Travis County.” He was goin’ towards a direction sign. (I don’t know what the hell they’re called.)
“That means we need to get the hell out. Take 71-” Joel said.
“71, that’s where I’m headed.” We saw a few police cars pass by. We went through an empty road in the woods, then we were back on the main road.
“Holy hell. That’s Louis’ farm.” We all looked at a house with a farmhouse right by it. “Hope that son-of-a-bitch made it out.”
“I’m sure he did.” Joel said tryin’ to comfort me and Sarah. But, let’s face it. We both knew he was dead. The both of us held hands. Louis was an old friend of Dad and Joel’s when they were kids. We’d go and visit ‘im every now an’ then. But, me and Sarah see ‘im everyday when we walk home from school.
“Are we sick?” Sarah asked.
“No. Of course not.” Joel said.
“How do you know?” She asked again.
“They said it’s ah, people in the city. We’re fine.” Daddy answered.
“The city?” Ah knew he was lyin’. It’s possible that we’re sick too.
“Didn’t Jimmy work in the city?” Sarah asked in fear. Jimmy was the father of our friend, Ross at school.
“That’s right, he did. We’re fine.” Joel was getting’ really mad now. All these questions has ‘im worryin’ ‘bout us. Ah can tell. There were some people walkin’ on the side of the road. Tommy saw them, & started to pull over. I started to get real worried.
“Let’s see what they need.”
“What the hell do you think you’re doin’? Keep drivin’.” Joel said angrily.
“They got a kid, Joel.” Dad tried to reason with ‘im.
“Daddy! They could be sick. Ah don’t care what the newsman says!” Ah yelled at ‘im. It wasn’t to be mean to him, it was just outta fear. Ah don’t want any sick people in ‘ere.
“We have room!”
“I don’t care!” Daddy kept drivin’, even though a guy from the group was calling out to us.
“We shoulda helped them.” Sarah said quietly
“You ain’t seen what I’ve seen. Someone else’ll come along.” Joel was thinking out loud. But, we just ignored it. We saw an ambulance drive by. Then, me and Sarah stared at the hospital, seeing if someone sick was running out.
“Oh, this is bad.” We stopped the car seeing that there was traffic right in front of us. “Everyone and their mother had the same damn idea.”
“You have GOT to be kidding me.” Ah mumbled. Ah wasn’t scared anymore, now Ah was really pissed off. That changed back into fear when a guy got out of his car sayin’, ‘Hey, what the fuck, man! Let’s go!’ Then, a sick guy pushed him down to the ground, and ripping ‘im apart. Then, another one came attacking another person in there. The first one spotted us.
“Holy shit.” He started to back up and drive away. Right before he drove away, Ah looked behind us, and he slammed right on the back of the truck. “What the fuck just happened? What the fuck just happened-did you see that?!”
“Yes, I saw it.”
“Jesus. My God, this place is turnin’ into a bitchin’ hell hole!” I yelled. “Ah’m sorry, but I just had to let it out.” I added.
“It’s gonna be ok, Susan. It’s gonna be ok.” Joel said, holding my hand. “Are you ok, baby?” He turned his head to Sarah.
“Yeah. Well, no I’m not.” We drove to an RV where people were running from behind it. “What are they runnin’ from?” Sarah asked in fear. There was a lot ‘a yellin’ from Joel & Daddy. Joel kept telling ‘im to get us outta here, but ah saw that he was tryin’. We finally found a space in between a wall and the RV. We drove through it and then a second later, we got in a car crash. Ah woke up to Sarah shaking me, telling me to wake up. When my eyes woke up, they really hurt for some reason. Ah sat up, trying to speak. “Are you ok, Susie?”
“Sarah?” She hugged me so tight, Ah was hurtin’ even worse. But I didn’t care. Ah hugged ‘er back, glad that we’re both ok. Ah let go. “Sarah. Joel and Daddy.” She gasped and leaned towards ‘im. Ah was havin’ a headache, so ah felt the side of my head. Ah was bleedin’. Ah thought ma eye came off, but when Ah touched ma eyelid, Ah knew it was still there. Ah really thought ah was gonna die when ah was bleedin’. But, ah knew ah was over exaggeratin’. Joel finally woke up, and helped Sarah outta the car. She said ‘er leg hurts, so ah knew at that point her leg was broken. Then, ‘e helped me out next. He asked me if ah was ok, too. Ah told him it was just a little cut. Ah grabbed my backpack and got outta there.
“We’re gonna need to run.” Daddy said, looking at somethin’. Joel gave ‘im a gun.
“Keep us safe.” Ah took out ma guns from ma backpack. “Why the hell do you have two revolvers in your backpack?!”
“Trainin’, rememba? I have extra ammo in ma pockets.” Joel picked up Sarah, and we started ta run. It was gettin’ crazy out there. First, a sick dude started rippin’ a women apart. Then, a car ran into a gas station, then two cars crashed into each otha. Also, a car got caught on fire and exploded. More sick people were after us, so Daddy decided to go through an ally. When we first got in, a sick dude attacked Joel, so Daddy and Ah shot ‘im. More were behind us, it was pretty intense, but ah managed to shoot most of ‘em. We went inside a bar. Daddy closed the door. But it wasn’t gonna hold ‘em.
“Get to the highway!” He shouted to them. “Go! You got Sarah! Me and Susan can run ‘em off!” Ah helped him keep the door closed as much as Ah can. But, they were gonna get in soon.
“Uncle Tommy! Susan!” Ah mouthed to her. ‘It’s okay.’ Ah saw ‘er startin’ ta cry.
“I will meet you there!” Joel ran off with Sarah, now it was just me and Daddy.
“Ready, Baby?” He asked, prepared to let go.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Ah was so scared. Ah knew that Ah had to face those things, but it’s awful ta think what can happen to ya. Daddy counted to three, and we let go. There were about 5 of ‘em. Good thing Ah’ve been takin’ lessons from Joel. One lunged towards me, then Ah did a back flip on the desk. There was NO way in hell Ah was gonna let those things touch me! Ah shot three of ‘em in the head ten seconds lata. Then, we heard gunshots and screamin’. “Daddy! Joel and Sarah are in trouble!” By the time Ah finished that sentence, he shot the two others. We ran to each other and hugged. “That may have been easy, but it was fuckin’ scary too.”
“I know, sweetheart. I know. Let’s go. We gotta help Joel & Sarah.” We ran like there was no tomorrow. While we were runnin’, Ah reloaded ma guns. When we got there, Joel was layin’ on his back, holdin’ his hand up.
“Please...” The soldier was about to shoot, but we shot that motherfucker first! Ah saw Sarah with a bullet in her stomach. Ah started to cry and ran towards ‘er.
“Sarah! Uncle Joel!” He saw her in her state, and ran to us. He put pressure on her wound. We were both tellin’ her we know how much it hurts. She squeezed ma hand for tha pain. He started ta pick her up. A few seconds later, she stopped crying...She was dead...Me and Joel were cryin’ so much, we almost dehydrated. Literally. She was best friend was gone...the one who stood by me, the one who picked me back up when Ah was down, and the one who was a sister to me ma whole life. Cousin, or not.
After that, the infection got even worse. It spread worldwide from America to Canada to Mexico to South America to Europe to Africa to Asia and Australia. No one got infected in Antarctica. It’s too cold. Three months after that shit started, Joel, Daddy and Ah formed a group for survival. When Ah was eighteen, Ah decided to be a worldie. A worldie is a survivalist who explores around tha world to help otha’s. There have been a couple of ‘em that are famous for their actions. Joel refused to let me go, because he didn’t want to lose anyone else that’s important to ‘im. It was so sweet of ‘im to think that, but I had to explore, help people survive from the infected. That’s what they’re called now. Daddy didn’t wanna see me go, eitha. Ah’m his one and only daughter. I honestly didn’t wanna leave ma Dad. I lost ma Mom already. But, Ah sucked it up, and sneaked out with everythin’ Ah owned. Since Ah left, Ah have thousands of hiding spots around the world where Ah have some gear in each to fight. Ah’ve been gone for about five years now. But, I haven’t seen Joel or Daddy in fifteen. What is this world like now? There are military surrounding each Area. You can't leave the district, or else you get executed. They always scan you if you’re infected or not. Everyone turns within two days. Fungus is in yer brain, sproutin’. Ah have almost been bitten a few times, sometimes Ah can’t sleep just thinking about it. Ah was on my way to see him, then Ah see this girl  makin’ a drop-off at the West End District in Boston. She said her name was Tess and she knows Joel. She can help me find ‘im. On our way back, a couple of guys jumped us. Ah threatened one of them to tell me who they’re workin’ for. All he said was Robert. Robert who? Tess told me he was someone who she and Joel have been after for a while. She needed me to meet her and Joel right by the door of his apartment. Luckily, ah found just the place. Ah just knew it. Ah knew at that moment, ah was gonna see Joel again.
The Last of Us Chapter 1: My Past
Does The Last of Us count as horror?
Stolen from :iconrachelerica:
[  ] - Dust scares you.

[x] - Your mother had more than 2 children.
[  ] - You are a smoker.
[  ] - You drink a lot.
[x] - You like to write.
[x] - You are religious. 
[  ] - You like to burn candles.
[  ] - You prefer juice or water over soda.
[  ] - You have ridden a horse.


[  ] - You have done drugs.
[  ]- You are currently a drug addict.
[x] - You are very artistic.
[x] - You like stuffed animals.
[  ] - You are attracted to shiny things.
[  ] - You have eaten a bug before.
[x] - You love cars.
[  ] - Cats are your favorite animal.
[  ] - You hate animals.
[x] - You are spontaneous and random.

TOTAL = 4 

[x] - You like/eat fruit a lot.
[  ] - You drive.
[  ] - You like for things to be very clean.
[x] - You are very messy.
[x] - You love to eat.
[x] - Christmas is your favorite holiday.
[  ] - You like the beach. 
[x] - You hate the color pink. 

TOTAL = 5 

[x] - You wear glasses or contacts.
[x] - You chat online a lot.
[  ] - You always use correct grammar.
[x] - You like to take quizzes.
[  ] - You eat out at restaurants more than you eat at home.
[  ] - You enjoy swimming.
[  ] - You have more than 5 pets.
[  ] - You have more than 10 pets. 
[x] - You believe in ghosts.
[  ] - You have seen a ghost.

TOTAL = 4 

[  ] - You prefer comedy movies over romance movies.
[x] - You like dancing, either doing it yourself or watching. (I'm not really good) ^^;
[  ] - You have been to a strip club.
[  ] - You drink coffee in the morning.
[x] - You like to be awake at night.
[x] - You don't go outside often.
[x] - You love to read. (Depending on the read)
[x] - You believe in an afterlife of some kind.
[x] - You have had short hair.
[  ] - You know how to cook well.




[  ] 0 - 1 = Mosquito.
[  ] 2 - 3 = A weed.
[  ] 4 - 5 = Daisy.
[  ] 6 - 7 = Janitor.
[  ] 8 - 9 = Goose.
[  ] 10 - 11 = Rock.
[  ] 12 - 13 = Fireman.
[  ] 14 - 15 = Rose.
[ ] 16 - 17 = Mouse.
[  ] 18 - 19 = Cow.
[  ] 20 - 21 = Rabbit.
[x] 22 - 23 = Mental Patient.
[  ] 24 - 25 = Grass.
[  ] 26 - 27 = Water.
[  ] 28 - 29 = Bat.
[  ] 30 - 31 = Hippo.
[  ] 32 - 33 = Crocodile.
[  ] 34 - 35 = Vampire.
[  ] 36 - 37 = Horse.
[  ] 38 - 39 = Hawk.
[  ] 40 - 41 = Spider
[  ] 42 - 43 = Flea.
[  ] 44 - 45 = Princess or Prince.
[  ] 46 + = President
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